COVID 19 Plans:

Due to the pandemic, Cedar Ridge Camp is making plans and setting up procedures to keep camp safe this summer.  We will follow social norms and government guidelines as we work for the health and safety of our campers and staff.

We are offering a "no questions asked" refund policy this summer, so that parents can sign up campers without risk.  As we become informed of the phased reopening of Kentucky, we will make announcements, plans and refunds as necessary.


For more information, call (502) 267-5848, ext 102, email us at, fax us at (502) 416-1220 or watch the video below.

Overnight Camp

Let's Have a Super Summer!

"Camp Quarantine"

Ages 8-14            July 6 - 25         $999

(Three-weeks long including weekends.)

In July, pending approval from the state of Kentucky, we will be having a very special 3 week Quarantine Camp! All campers and staff will be COVID-19 tested on the first day of camp and then once the test results come back, we will be able to let our guards down within the group inside our quarantine bubble. (Think "Circle of Trust.")


This might very well be the only opportunity for campers to really have a normal camp experience and be able to hang out with their friends, without wearing masks and feeling the anxiety the world is currently going through. Campers will stay for 3 weeks straight, no weekends at home. If, however, a camper does need to leave early, they will not be able to come back.


We are even considering allowing campers to have access to their cellular devices for 30 minutes at breakfast each morning so they can check in with their families, on top of receiving camp mail and/or camp email. This of course would be a privilege that could be revoked if need be.


We feel that giving campers the freedom to let their guards down and be free for a while is vital! We have chosen to make that possibility happen for those who can attend.


Thank you for supporting Cedar Ridge Camp,

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at,

Camp Hope Scholarship

This is a unique scholarship for the children of active Military, Fire, EMS, Police and other first responders. You may choose one of our overnight or day camps for your child to attend. To apply for a week of camp, please complete and return the scholarship request form below.

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